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The Human League

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Human League

The Human League (nome derivante dal videogioco Starforce: Alpha Centauri allora uno dei primi wargame di fantascienza) sono un gruppo musicale nato a Sheffield, Gran Bretagna, nel 1977. Pionieri della musica creata esclusivamente con strumenti elettronici alla fine degli anni Settanta e poi del synth pop all'inizio degli anni ottanta, in cui hanno goduto di grande popolarità, sono stati oggetto di un tentativo di ritorno verso la metà degli anni '90. L'unico membro tuttora parte del gruppo è il solo Phil Oakey, vocalist e autore dei testi.

Artist Tags For The Human League

New Wave




Synth Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Human League

1) Don't You Want Me 2) Don't You Want Me - 2002 - Remaster 3) Love Action (I Believe in Love) 4) Human 5) (Keep Feeling) Fascination 6) Together In Electric Dreams 7) Being Boiled 8) Mirror Man 9) The Sound of the Crowd 10) Open Your Heart 11) The Things That Dreams Are Made of 12) The Lebanon 13) Seconds 14) Do or Die 15) Empire State Human 16) Darkness 17) Louise 18) Tell Me When 19) Get Carter 20) Life On Your Own 21) I Am the Law 22) Human - Edit 23) All I Ever Wanted 24) Love Action (I Believe in Love) - 2002 - Remaster 25) Heart Like A Wheel 26) Together In Electric Dreams - 2003 - Remaster 27) Being Boiled (Fast Version) 28) Things That Dreams Are Made Of 29) Dont You Want Me Baby 30) (Keep Feeling) Fascination - 2003 - Remaster 31) Don't You Want Me (original version) 32) One Man In My Heart 33) Love Is All That Matters 34) Don't You Want Me Baby 35) Fascination 36) Circus Of Death 37) The Things That Dreams Are Made of - 2002 - Remaster 38) Hard Times 39) Almost Medieval 40) The Black Hit of Space 41) The Things That Dreams Are Made Of - 2002 Mix 42) I Love You Too Much 43) Being Boiled - Fast Version / 2003 Digital Remaster 44) Love Action 45) Blind Youth 46) Only After Dark 47) The Path of Least Resistance 48) Don't You Want Me - Remastered 49) (Keep Feeling) Fascination - Remastered 50) Life Kills

Frogtoon Music - Album information for Greatest Hits

Human League Greatest Hits is a compilation album released by British synthpop band The Human League. It was released by Virgin Records in 1988 and contained 13 singles released by the band, spanning from their debut single (1978's "Being Boiled") to their most recent album at the time (Crash, 1986) plus Philip Oakey's collaboration with Giorgio Moroder "Together In Electric Dreams". The album reached no.3 in the UK. In November 1995, to cash in on the band's renewed success at that time, Virgin repackaged the hits collection with a new cover and added newer tracks: "Tell Me When" (from the

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