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Aztec Camera

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Aztec Camera

Un gruppo scozzese in puro stile New Wave. Arrivano da Glasgow e si presentano nel 1981 con il loro primo singolo "Just Like Gold" con il retro "We Could Send Letters. Negli anni a seguire cambiano molti componenti della band e l'unica costante rimane Roddy Frame, fondatore e anima del gruppo, autore di musica e testi, oltre che voce e chitarra. L'album del loro debutto รจ High Land, Hard Rain pubblicato nel 1983. A seguire altri cinque album: Knife (1984), Love (1987), Stray (1990), Dreamland (1993) e Frestonia (1995).

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Aztec Camera

1) Somewhere In My Heart 2) Oblivious 3) Walk Out To Winter 4) We Could Send Letters 5) The Boy Wonders 6) Good Morning Britain 7) Pillar To Post 8) The Bugle Sounds Again 9) Lost Outside The Tunnel 10) Release 11) Down The Dip 12) Back On Board 13) All I Need Is Everything 14) Orchid Girl 15) How Men Are 16) Jump 17) Haywire 18) Queen's Tattoos 19) Still On Fire 20) The Crying Scene 21) Working in a Goldmine 22) Deep & Wide & Tall 23) Killermont Street 24) Stray 25) Just Like the USA 26) Spanish Horses 27) Get Outta London 28) Backwards and Forwards 29) The Birth of the True 30) Over My Head 31) Knife 32) Paradise 33) How It Is 34) Everybody Is A Number One 35) Birth of the True 36) Deep and Wide and Tall 37) The Back Door To Heaven 38) Head Is Happy (Heart's Insane) 39) Birds 40) More Than A Law 41) Song for a Friend 42) Notting Hill Blues 43) One And One 44) The Gentle Kind 45) Dream Sweet Dreams 46) Let Your Love Decide 47) Black Lucia 48) Rainy Season 49) The Belle of the Ball 50) Sun

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