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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Bibio

A resident of the West Midlands, England, Stephen Wilkinson developed a passion for experimental music during his time at Middlesex University in London, where he studied "sonic arts". He developed his own style of music, drawing from contemporary experimental electronica bands such as Boards of Canada, and incorporating field recordings and found sounds. Electronically modified guitar melodies and droning synthesizer sounds are a recurring theme in his pieces

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Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Bibio

1) Lovers’ Carvings 2) Petals 3) Jealous Of Roses 4) Ambivalence Avenue 5) À tout à l'heure 6) Curls 7) All The Flowers 8) Fire Ant 9) Haikuesque (When She Laughs) 10) Take Off Your Shirt 11) Lovers' Carvings 12) Sugarette 13) Abrasion 14) The Palm Of Your Wave 15) Anything New 16) Town & country 17) Dwrcan 18) Dye the Water Green 19) OLD GRAFFITI 20) The First Daffodils 21) Cry! Baby! 22) It Was Willow 23) S'Vive 24) Excuses 25) K is for Kelson 26) You 27) Light Seep 28) Sleep On The Wing 29) Pretentious 30) Wake Up! 31) Mind Bokeh 32) Wulf 33) THE ART OF LIVING 34) Saint Christopher 35) Artists' Valley 36) Bewley In White 37) Down To The Sound 38) Mirroring All 39) You Won't Remember... 40) Feminine Eye 41) Sycamore Silhouetting 42) More Excuses 43) Raincoat 44) Cherry Blossom Road 45) Bewley In Grey 46) Lovers Carvings 47) Lakeside 48) Six String Marenghi 49) Look at Orion! 50) Carosello Ellitico

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