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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For DEPRESSED TEENAGER







Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For DEPRESSED TEENAGER

1) GUCCIZONE 2) I DONT GIVE A FUCK 3) FAT FAGGOT 4) Depression Trance World 5) Fluoxetine 6) MIGUELITO 7) AZZ UP 8) abstinence (its my choice) 9) SHE WANA FUKK 10) GUCCIZONE (Gucci Mane x FRIENDZONE Mashup) 11) DEPRESSED TEENAGER - FAT FAGGOT 12) WHIP APPEAL OLD SKOOL BLEND 13) BOYS WITH TATOOS SLAM METAL REMIX 14) social anxiety disorder 15) Feeling Kinda of Lonely 16) shine bright like the remix 17) THRASHIN(FUCK DA CLUB) 18) Sertraline 19) KREAYSHAWN GUCCI GUCCI DA REMIXXX 20) SLAM JAM CASSETTE 21) Cymbalta 22) BITCH I BOUGHT IT OUT REMIX 23) Obsessed With One Girl 24) Every DJ Sucks Now 25) TAKE ME INYOUR ARMS NIGHTCORE 26) DEPRESSED TEENAGER - GUCCIZONE 27) Citalopram 28) Pop-Punk's Not Dead (ft Tr00 Pop Punk Girl, Frank Mullen and Anthony Green) 29) GUCCI GUCCI REMIX 30) BITCH I BOUGHT IT OUT THE REMIX 31) Escitalopram 32) Everyone Is Retarded 33) Haters Get Off Are Dicks 34) SEX EVERY NIGHT 35) SUGA SUGA 36) NO DOUBT - JUST A GIRL REMIX 37) Smoking a Bunch of Weed to Feel Normal 38) Ultimate Sex Track 39) BOYZ WITH TATTOOS 40) Indalpine 41) GAY AND DEPRESED PT 1 OF 2 42) FUCK THE CLUB (THRASHING) 43) KJ OF MINE 44) BOYZ WITH TATOOS (vERY SPECIAL LIVE INSTRUMENTS) 45) GAY AND DEPRESED PART 1 OF 2 46) I Still Believe 47) ugly and horny (the warm up) 48) Long Clothing Mix 49) JUST A GIRL REMIX [NO DOUBT] 50) Slam Jam

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