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Diamond Head

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Diamond Head

I Diamond Head sono un gruppo heavy metal appartenente alla cosiddetta New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Il loro primo album, Lightning to the Nations (1980) fu autoprodotto perché il gruppo non riusciva a trovare un contratto discografico soddisfacente; questo album (interessante anche perché contiene due brani in seguito riproposti dai Metallica: Am I Evil? e Helpless) venne notato dalla MCA che li mise sotto contratto. In seguito alla pubblicazione dei due successivi album Borrowed Time e Canterbury

Artist Tags For Diamond Head

Heavy Metal


Hard Rock


New Wave Of British Heavy Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Diamond Head

1) Am I Evil 2) Am I Evil? 3) The Prince 4) It's Electric 5) Helpless 6) Lightning to the Nations 7) Sucking My Love 8) In the Heat of the Night 9) Sweet and Innocent 10) Streets of Gold 11) Shoot Out the Lights 12) Play It Loud 13) Borrowed Time 14) Waited Too Long 15) Call Me 16) To Heaven from Hell 17) Skin On Skin 18) We Won't Be Back 19) Mine All Mine 20) Give It to Me 21) Drinkin Again 22) I Don't Got 23) All Will Be Revealed 24) Diamond Lights 25) Alimony 26) Lost at Sea 27) Fallen Angel 28) Don't You Ever Leave Me 29) Victim 30) This Planet and Me 31) Heat of the Night 32) I Feel No Pain 33) To The Devil His Due 34) Nightmare 35) Broken Pieces 36) Muddy Waters 37) Calling Out 38) Reign Supreme 39) Killing Me 40) Makin' Music 41) Tonight 42) Out Of Phase 43) Prey For Me 44) Ishmael 45) Dead or Living 46) Come Alive 47) Death by Design 48) Nothing to Lose 49) Belly of the Beast 50) Dead Reckoning

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Diamond Head

1) Lightning to the Nations 2) All Will Be Revealed 3) Am I Evil 4) What's In Your Head? 5) Borrowed Time 6) Behold The Beginning 7) Lightning To The Nations (The White Album) [Remastered 2011] 8) Canterbury 9) The Coffin Train 10) It's Electric 11) Lightning to the Nations (The White Album) [Deluxe Edition] [Remastered] 12) Lightning To The Nations 2020 13) Diamond Head 14) The White Album (Lightning To The Nations) 15) Another Shot Of Old Skool Of Rock 16) Death & Progress 17) The MCA Years 18) Am I Evil? 19) Death by Design 20) (null) 21) Whats In Your Head (2007) 22) Am I Evil? The Anthology 23) It’s Electric 24) Lightning to the Nations (The White Album) 25) Am I Evil?: The Best Of 26) Best of Diamond Head 27) Borrowed Time (Expanded Edition) 28) No Remorse 29) Makin' Music 'Live in '83' 30) Death and Progress 31) Singles 32) Evil Live 33) Music For Rocking 34) Live at the BBC 35) The Best of Diamond Head 36) Classic Rock 37) Rock 38) Lightning To The Nations (The White Album) [Deluxe Edition - 2011 Remaster] 39) Belly of the Beast 40) 4 Cuts EP 41) Metal Museum Vol.9 NWOBHM 42) Diamond Nights 43) Lightning To The Nations (The White Album) (Remastered 2011) 44) Lightning to the Nations (The White Album) [Bonus Tracks] 45) Its Electric 46) Sweden Rock Festival - Best Of 2005/06 Vol.1 47) Lightning To The Nations (The White Album) (Deluxe Edition - 2011 Remaster) 48) Brutal Legend Soundtrack 49) Evil Extras 50) Live in the Heat of the Night

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