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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Emika

Emika was born in the United Kingdom, of Czech heritage. As a young woman she studied classical piano and composition. She waitressed to save up for her first Apple Mac and copy of Logic while living in Bristol, as the city transitioned from d&b to dubstep. Now a Berlin resident, Emika currently works as a sound designer for Native Instruments. In 2010 she began making field recordings at Berghain, a sample library which she gave to all the resident producer/DJs to make music from.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Emika

1) Drop the Other 2) Double Edge 3) Dilo 7 4) Wicked Game 5) Professional Loving 6) 3 Hours 7) Sing to Me 8) Common Exchange 9) Count Backwards 10) Pretend 11) Be My Guest 12) Battles 13) Come Catch Me 14) The Long Goodbye 15) Young Minds 16) FM Attention 17) Credit Theme 18) Filters 19) She Beats 20) Dem Worlds 21) After the Fall 22) Sleep With My Enemies 23) Primary Colours 24) Centuries 25) Fight for Your Love 26) My Heart Bleeds Melody 27) Serious Trouble 28) Mouth to Mouth 29) Searching 30) What's the Cure 31) Could This Be 32) Criminal Gift 33) Run 34) Drop The Other (Daedelus Fragments Into A Thousand Little Pieces) 35) Miracles 36) Destiny Killer 37) Double Edge (Pinch remix) 38) Miracles Prelude 39) Without Expression 40) Double Edge (GeRM Remix) 41) Rache 42) You Love Me 43) Dilo 4 44) Hush - Interlude 45) Close 46) Dilo 5 47) Dilo 33 48) Dilo 6 49) Double Edge (Radio Edit) 50) Hush (Interlude) Feat. Michaela Šrůmová

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