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Jenny Hval

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Jenny Hval

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Jenny Hval

1) Conceptual Romance 2) Female Vampire 3) Spells 4) That Battle Is Over 5) Ashes to Ashes 6) High Alice 7) Lions (feat. Vivian Wang) 8) Ritual Awakening 9) Period Piece 10) Innocence Is Kinky 11) In the Red 12) Untamed Region 13) The Great Undressing 14) Take Care Of Yourself 15) Kingsize 16) Death Of The Author 17) Accident (feat. Laura Jean) 18) Secret Touch 19) The Plague 20) Sabbath 21) Mephisto In The Water 22) White Underground 23) Lorna 24) Heaven 25) Why This? 26) Some Days 27) Holy Land 28) Six Red Cannas (feat. Vivian Wang, Félicia Atkinson, and Laura Jean) 29) The Practice of Love (feat. Laura Jean and Vivian Wang) 30) Thumbsucker (feat. Félicia Atkinson) 31) I Called 32) Oslo Oedipus 33) Angels and Anaemia 34) Ordinary (feat. Vivian Wang and Félicia Atkinson) 35) Blood Flight 36) Renée Falconetti Of Orléans 37) The Seer 38) Engines in the City 39) Give Me That Sound 40) I Got No Strings 41) Amphibious, Androgynous 42) Portrait of the Young Girl as an Artist 43) The Dreamer Is Everyone in Her Dream 44) Bonus Material 45) How Gentle 46) A Silver Fox 47) Golden Locks 48) I Want to Tell You Something 49) This Is a Thirst 50) Kingsize - Kelly Lee Owens Rework

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