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Kill Hannah

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Kill Hannah

I Kill Hannah sono un'alternative rock band che fa uso di elettronica. Sono stati fondati a Chicago, Illinois, nel 1994 dal cantautore Mat Devine. Tra il 1996 e il 2003 i Kill Hannah hanno autoprodotto otto tra LP, singoli ed EP indipendenti le cui copie sono state sempre presto esaurite. La band prende nome dalla ex ragazza del leader Mat Devine, che in quel periodo era cantante e chitarrista della band "In a Jar UK". Dopo la rottura con Hannah, Mat incise dei 7" della sua band con sopra degli adesivi che recavano la dicitura "Kill Hannah".

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Kill Hannah

1) Lips Like Morphine 2) Kennedy 3) Believer 4) Race the Dream 5) Unwanted 6) Raining All the Time 7) Boys and Girls 8) Crazy Angel 9) They Can't Save Us Now 10) From Now On 11) Love You to Death 12) Is Anyone Here Alive? 13) Nerve Gas 14) Black Poison Blood 15) Big Shot 16) The Collapse 17) Love Sick 18) Under The Milky Way 19) New York City Speed 20) Statues Without Eyes 21) Scream 22) No One Dreams Anyway 23) New Heart for Xmas 24) Strobe Lights 25) Radio 26) Snowblinded 27) Living In Misery 28) The Songs That Saved My Life 29) Promise Me 30) sick boy 31) Tokyo (Dance In The Dust) 32) Acid Rain 33) Mouth To Mouth 34) 10 More Minutes 35) 10 More Minutes With You 36) Songs That Saved My Life 37) (Life In The Arctic) 38) Hyperactive 39) Don't Die Wondering 40) Vultures (Be There For Me) 41) Rebel Yell 42) Escape Artistry 43) He Believes in Time Machines 44) Why I Have My Grandma's Sad Eyes 45) Laika 46) Kill Hannah 47) Get Famous 48) (Sleep Tight) 49) A New Medicine 50) The Chase

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Kill Hannah

1) For Never & Ever 2) Until There's Nothing Left Of Us 3) Here Are The Young Moderns 4) Wake Up The Sleepers 5) Kill Hannah EP 6) For Never and Ever 7) American Jet Set 8) I Wanna Be a Kennedy 9) Until Theres Nothing Left Of Us 10) The Beauty In Sinking Ships 11) [non-album tracks] 12) Kennedy 13) New York City Speed Remix Maxi-Single 14) It's A Misery Business 15) Until There`s Nothing Left Of Us 16) Hope For The Hopeless 17) Until There's Nothing Left Of Us (U.S. Release) 18) The Curse of Kill Hannah 19) Hummingbirds The Size Of Bullets 20) Sleeping Like Electric Eels 21) For Never And Ever (U.S. Version) 22) undefined 23) The Invisible Original Soundtrack 24) (null) 25) Lizzi's songs 26) ... The Size Of Bullets 27) Beauty in Sinking Ships 28) Lips Like Morphine EP 29) Lips Like Morphine - EP 30) Bam Margera Presents: Viva La Bands (Retail) 31) In A Jar 32) Lips Like Morphine 33) Alternative Times Vol 77 34) One Tree Hill - Enhanced Soundtrack Season 1 35) Promise Me Maxi-Single 36) Bam Margera Presents Viva La Bands. Vol 2 37) Eska Rock Rocznik 2008 38) Kill Hannah 39) Lips Like Morphine (Single) 40) unreleased cd 41) The Beauty in Sinking Ships (Pre-Kill Hannah Recordings 1994-1995) 42) The Invisible 43) Live 8-13-99 44) Under The Influence: Songs That Inspired My Chemical Romance 45) Until Theres Nothing Left Of 46) Bandit Rock Vol.3 47) New York City Speed Remix Maxi-Single 48) Kennedy / Boys & Girls (snippet) 49) Until There`s Nothing Left Of 50) Bam Margera Presents Viva La Bands Volume 2

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Kill Hannah