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Level 42

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Level 42

I Level 42 sono un gruppo musicale new wave, pop e funk britannico attivo dal 1979. La formazione originale comprendeva 3 membri originari dell'isola di Wight: Mark King (basso e voce) ed i fratelli Phil Gould (batteria) e Boon Gould (chitarre) ed un membro originario di Londra: Mike Lindup (tastiere e voce), figlio della cantante Nadia Cattouse. Si può considerare quinto elemento della band a tutti gli effetti Wally Badarou, compositore, esperto di synth e co-produttore, il quale ha sempre affiancato la band in studio.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Level 42

1) Lessons in Love 2) Something About You 3) Running in the Family 4) Something About You - Single Version 5) It's Over 6) Love Games 7) Running In The Family - Single Version 8) Hot Water 9) Children Say 10) To Be with You Again 11) Heaven in My Hands 12) Leaving Me Now 13) The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) 14) The Chinese Way 15) Tracie 16) Take a Look 17) Starchild 18) The Chant Has Begun 19) Take Care of Yourself 20) Micro Kid 21) Dune Tune 22) World Machine 23) Love Games - Level Best Remix 24) Love Meeting Love 25) Guaranteed 26) The Sun Goes Down 27) Leaving Me Now - Remix 28) Forever Now 29) Almost There 30) Physical Presence 31) Something About You - 7" Version 32) Good Man In A Storm 33) Heathrow 34) The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - 7" Mix 35) Turn It On 36) Mr. Pink 37) "43" 38) I Sleep On My Heart 39) Fashion Fever 40) Freedom Someday 41) Leaving Me Now - Extended Version 42) It's Not The Same For Us 43) Lying Still 44) Love Games - Edit Album Version 45) It's Over - Remix 46) All over You 47) Weave Your Spell 48) Kansas City Milkman 49) Sandstorm 50) Turn It On - Edit Album Version

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