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Metal Church

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Metal Church

I Metal Church erano una band Heavy Metal formatasi nel 1981 a Seattle, Stati Uniti. I critici sostengono che questa è una delle poche band soppravissute ai primi movimenti Grunge che colpirono Seattle già dai primi anni '80 e ad aver mantenuto un sound sempre fedele, come il Thrash Metal/Speed Metal. Il gruppo si è formato nel 1981 a Seattle, USA ed ha avuto tra i primi cantanti il grande David Wayne (deceduto nel 2005), mentre successivamente continueranno ad esibirsi e a produrre album fino al loro scioglimento datato 2009.

Artist Tags For Metal Church

Heavy Metal

Thrash Metal

Power Metal

Speed Metal


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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Metal Church

1) Metal Church 2) Watch the Children Pray 3) Beyond the Black 4) Gods of Wrath 5) The Final Word 6) Merciless Onslaught 7) Start the Fire 8) Ton of Bricks 9) Hitman 10) Highway Star 11) In the Blood 12) Battalions 13) Badlands 14) Mirror of lies 15) Fake Healer 16) The Dark 17) Method to Your Madness 18) (My Favorite) Nightmare 19) A Light in the dark 20) Psycho 21) Over My Dead Body 22) Beyond all reason 23) Line of Death 24) Burial at Sea 25) Disappear 26) Western Alliance 27) The Human Factor 28) Watch the children pray-New Version (Bonustrack) 29) The Believer 30) Pill for the kill 31) More than your master 32) Date With Poverty 33) Blinded by life 34) Anthem to the Estranged 35) Son of the son 36) Of Unsound Mind 37) The Spell Can't Be Broken 38) Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912) 39) In Mourning 40) In Harm's Way 41) It's a Secret 42) Cannot Tell a Lie 43) The Powers That Be 44) Agent Green 45) In Due Time 46) The Fight Song 47) Leave Them Behind 48) Flee From Reality 49) Betrayed 50) Weight Of The World

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