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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Mount Kimbie: Mount Kimbie è il duo formato da Dominic Maker e Kai Campos, due produttori inglesi su cui la critica specializzata, nonostante la loro giovane età, ha già speso molte parole. Inseriti nella corrente dubstep, i Mount Kimbie creano una versione raffinata e più ricercata del suono che ormai da qualche anno sta muovendo l'underground inglese. Le suggestioni che vengono in mente all'ascolto riportano alla poesia urbana di Burial, ma anche ai tessuti

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Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Tracks For Mount Kimbie

1) Carbonated 2) Before I Move Off 3) Made to Stray 4) Marilyn 5) Blue Train Lines 6) You Took Your Time (feat. King Krule) 7) Would Know 8) Tunnelvision 9) Blind Night Errand 10) Break Well 11) Ode to Bear 12) Ruby 13) Mayor 14) Field 15) Adriatic 16) Home Recording 17) Maybes 18) Between Time 19) Four Years and One Day 20) Blood and Form 21) So Many Times, So Many Ways 22) Meter, Pale, Tone (feat. King Krule) 23) Delta 24) We Go Home Together 25) Lie Near 26) How We Got By 27) Audition 28) Fall Out 29) Slow 30) Sullen Ground 31) SP12 Beat 32) Vertical 33) You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure) 34) Taps 35) You Look Certain (I’m Not So Sure) - WXAXRXP Session 36) William 37) Serged 38) Poison 39) T.A.M.E.D 40) Flux 41) Maybes (James Blake Remix) 42) Sketch on Glass 43) Fifty Mile View 44) Made to Stray (DJ Koze remix) 45) At Least 46) Turtle Neck Man 47) Bave’s Chords 48) Marilyn - WXAXRXP Session 49) Bave's Chords 50) Black Stone

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Mount Kimbie