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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Pestilectomy

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Slamming Brutal Death Metal

Slam Death Metal

Wigger Slam


Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Pestilectomy

1) Splattered Human Chunks 2) Killbreed 3) Simian Slam (BONUS TRACK) 4) Catharsis 5) Indulged In Human Survival Instincts 6) Ceremonial Abhorrence 7) Pulverized Septic Remnants 8) Simian Slam 9) Pulverized Septic Remnants (Bonus Track) 10) Barbarous Pitchfork Impalement 11) Tortured Inhabitants (feat. Larry Wang of Coprocephalic) 12) Mountainous Piles of Putridity 13) Fixating the Vermin-Infested Crumbling Remains of the Exhumed Harlot 14) MINISTRY OF MOLESTED NECROPHILES 15) Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies 16) Cocaine Cashectomy 17) Wring a Deep Brain 18) Cocaine Cashectomy [bonus track] 19) Pestilectomy ‒ Pulverized Septic Remnants 20) Mountainous Piles Of Putridity (feat. Vitaly Drozdov of Ezophagothomia) 21) Pestilectomy ‒ Barbarous Pitchfork Impalement 22) Pestilectomy ‒ Simian Slam 23) Tortured Inhabitants 24) Gorepot ‒ Anton, Do You Think I’m a Bad Mother? Mom, My Name Is Paul 25) Gorepot ‒ Japanese Pop Is Jpop; Chinese Rap Is Crap 26) Cocaine Cashectomy (feat. Jorge of Slamcoke) (Bonus) 27) Gorepot ‒ I'm Emotionally Constipated, I Haven't Given a Shit in Days 28) $lutrot ‒ Designed to Enemate 29) Gorepot ‒ A Naked Woman Robbed a Bank... Nobody Could Remember Her Face 30) Embryonic Decay ‒ Parental Advised Suicide 31) $lutrot ‒ $lit the $lut (feat. Jaymes G of Nephrectomy) 32) $lutrot ‒ Hacked Up Cunt in the Hallway 33) Embryonic Decay ‒ Cesspool Orgy of Corpses 34) Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies (Cephalotripsy Cover) 35) Embryonic Decay ‒ Divulging Respiratory Failure 36) Wring A Deep Brain (Jenovavirus Cover) 37) Tortured Inhabitants (feat. Larry Wang of Coprocephalic & Gorepot) 38) Rage Kill 39) Corpse Extirpation 40) Tortured Inhabitants (Featuring Larry Wang of Coprocephalic) 41) Predation of Inferior Beings 42) Decomposing Placidity 43) Deceased Consummation Lobotomy 44) Crows Feast upon Your Carcass 45) Diaries of Dismemberment 46) Tortured Inhabitants (feat. Larry Wang) 47) Mountainous Piles of Putridity (feat. Ezophagothomia) 48) Cocaine Cashectomy (feat. Slamcoke) 49) Sadistic Pre-Murder Envenomation 50) Tied-Down Sternum Fractures (Bonus Track • feat. Andrew LoMastro of Cerebral Incubation)

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