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Pretty Maids

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Pretty Maids

I Pretty Maids sono un gruppo heavy metal nato a Horsens, Danimarca, per mano di Ronnie Atkins e Ken Hammer nel 1981. I Pretty Maids si formarono nel 1981 dal chitarrista Ken Hammer (a.k.a. Kenneth Hansen), originariamente come cover band di gruppi come Rainbow e Thin Lizzy, ma presto iniziarono a comporre anche materiale proprio[6]. La prima incarnazione della band vedeva Hammer, il bassista John Darrow (a.k.a. Johnny Møller) ed il batterista Phil Moorheed (Henrik Andersen).

Artist Tags For Pretty Maids

Heavy Metal

Hard Rock

Melodic Metal

Power Metal


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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Pretty Maids

1) Future World 2) Please Don't Leave Me 3) Little Drops Of Heaven 4) Back to Back 5) Yellow Rain 6) Red, Hot and Heavy 7) Love Games 8) Pandemonium 9) Savage Heart 10) We Came to Rock 11) Rodeo 12) Eye of the Storm 13) Mother Of All Lies 14) A Place in the Night 15) Waitin' for the Time 16) Needles In The Dark 17) Loud 'n' Proud 18) Cold Killer 19) Kingmaker 20) Queen of Dreams 21) Night Danger 22) Long Way to Go 23) I.N.V.U. 24) One World One Truth 25) Attention 26) Battle of Pride 27) Serpentine 28) Old Enough To Know 29) It Comes At Night 30) Sad To See You Suffer 31) Final Day Of Innocence 32) Sin-Decade 33) Walk Away 34) Rock The House 35) Little Darling 36) Cielo Drive 37) Wake Up to the Real World 38) Infinity 39) Running Out 40) Sickening 41) The Iceman 42) Face The World 43) To Fool A Nation 44) Lethal Heroes 45) Who What Where When Why 46) Beautiful Madness 47) Don't Settle For Less 48) Motherland 49) Breathless 50) Bullet for You

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