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Samantha James

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Samantha James

Samantha James Nata13 giugno 1979 (35 anni) OrigineLos Angeles , California Generi home R & B Soul Quiet Storm elettronico downtempo Relax Occupazione (s)Il cantautrice Anni attiviPresente 2007 EtichetteOm Records Sito web Samantha James (nata 13 giu 1979) รจ una cantante americana dance-pop da Los Angeles, nota per il suo stile di miscelazione downtempo alla musica dance uptempo con stili vocali soul.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Samantha James

1) Rise 2) Right Now 3) Breathe You In 4) Angel Love 5) Amber Sky 6) Rain 7) Subconscious 8) Living Without You 9) Come Through 10) Send It Out to the Universe 11) Enchanted Life 12) Deep Surprise 13) Waves of Change 14) Satellites 15) Life is Waiting 16) Breathe You In (KJ's Soulful Mix) 17) I Found You (feat. Celso Fonseca) 18) Veil 19) Free 20) Waves of Change (Kaskade Extended Remix) 21) Find A Way 22) Tree of Life 23) Maybe Tomorrow 24) Again & Again 25) Illusions 26) Waves Of Change (Kaskade Remix) 27) Waves Of Change - Kaskade Remix 28) Tonight 29) Waves of Change (Kaskade Mix) 30) Forgiveness 31) Waves of Change - Kaskade Mix 32) Rise (Eric Kupper Mix) 33) Rise (Johnny Fiasco's Chunkafunk Mix) 34) Breathe You In (Juan de la Madre Mix) 35) I Found You 36) Rise (Eric Kupper Remix) 37) Rise - Original 38) Rain (Acoustic) 39) Rise (Acoustic) 40) Keep Your Silver Shined 41) Breathe You In (Eric Kupper Remix) 42) Love From Afar 43) Rise (Erik Kupper Remix) 44) Breathe You In (Eric Kupper Mix) 45) Waves Of Change (Kaskade Radio Edit) 46) Rise (King Kooba's Fidgit & Glitch Mix) 47) Rise (Original Mix) 48) rise (ROCAsound mix) 49) Waves Of Change - Kaskade Extended Remix 50) I Found You (feat Celso Fonsec

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