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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Tenten

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Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Tenten

1) intro 2) Final word 3) clearing up old confusion 4) Why this is HUGE, a quick look into national team 5) Artifact 6) Bennett and Xiangling Synergy 7) Weapon option 8) why 80 ER is FIXABLE on xiangling 9) build 10) Why Xiangling Burst is so strong 11) Constellation 12) What is the Morgana team 13) Get It Back with Me 14) And xiangling is USED in MANY comp 15) CN EULA drama EXPLAINED! Are they DEMANDING buff? 16) national Raiden 17) kazuha playstyle, build 18) Explanation 19) introduction 20) YOIMIYA REVERSE ENGINEERED, Andrius SHOWCASE.. 21) Kaba 22) kazuha's elemental skill 23) how ganyu elemental burst work 24) Rotation 25) After The Party (The Best Of 2010) 26) kazuha's elemental burst 27) YOIMIYA is TRASH? WHAT is holding her back..(Early look) 28) This AR35 CHINESE PLAYER 36 star 1.5 Abyss... 29) final callout 30) Mona 31) the end result 32) bow 33) Cairo 34) intro, summary 35) Elemental Burst 36) Xiangling 37) kazuha vs sucrose 38) 500iq rotation by kazuha 39) Closing word 40) What to do with Artifact, do you run FULL EM? 41) ME AND MY BOY 42) but what if, you buff two character on kazuha 43) Swirl buff 44) thing to think about when putting kazuha into your party 45) the difference that kazuha is bringing in teamcomp 46) sword 47) basic about kazuha 48) Ultimate Question 49) background 50) what do kazuha do better than other character

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