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The Church

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Church

I Church sono fra i principali esponenti del rock psichedelico degli anni ottanta. La formazione รจ nata a Sydney, in Australia nel 1978. Nel 1981 esce, per il mercato australiano, il loro primo album intitolato Of Skins And Heart, che a breve distanza viene pubblicato anche in Europa con il titolo di The Church. La band propone un neo-rock psichedelico che, sull'onda di analoghe neonate formazioni come R.E.M., Rain Parade, Green on Red, Dream Syndicate

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Church

1) Under the Milky Way 2) Reptile 3) The Unguarded Moment 4) Destination 5) Metropolis 6) North, South, East And West 7) Blood Money 8) Lost 9) Antenna 10) Spark 11) A New Season 12) The Unguarded Moment - 2002 Digital Remaster 13) Hotel Womb 14) Under the Milky Way Tonight 15) Almost With You 16) Feel 17) Ripple 18) When You Were Mine 19) Almost With You - 2002 Digital Remaster 20) Chromium 21) Tantalized 22) Paradox 23) Too Fast For You 24) She Never Said 25) Myrrh 26) For a Moment We're Strangers 27) Another Century 28) You're Still Beautiful 29) Numbers 30) To Be in Your Eyes 31) Tear It All Away 32) Aura 33) Dome 34) Electric Lash 35) Shadow Cabinet 36) Sealine 37) Chrome Injury 38) Two Places At Once 39) Already Yesterday 40) The Disillusionist 41) Memories in Future Tense 42) Columbus 43) Russian Autumn Heart 44) Secret Corners 45) Don't Open the Door to Strangers 46) Block 47) Tristesse 48) Texas Moon 49) Is This Where You Live 50) Disenchanted

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