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The Lemonheads

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Lemonheads

I Lemonheads sono un gruppo alternative rock statunitense, fondato dal cantante e chitarrista Evan Dando (4 marzo 1967) nel 1986 a Boston, MA. Le prime prove discografiche del gruppo erano all'insegna di un hardcore punk che doveva molto ad Hüsker Dü e The Replacements. Di questa prima fase, si segnalano i dischi Hate Your Friends (1987), Creator (1988), Lick (1989). Non sono però questi i lavori che meglio rappresentano la sensibilità artistica di Dando

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Lemonheads

1) Mrs. Robinson 2) It's a Shame about Ray 3) Into Your Arms 4) Confetti 5) Mrs. Robinson - Remastered 6) Rudderless 7) If I Could Talk I'd Tell You 8) My Drug Buddy 9) The Outdoor Type 10) Alison's Starting to Happen 11) Bit Part 12) The Turnpike Down 13) Rockin Stroll 14) Kitchen 15) Ceiling Fan in My Spoon 16) It's About Time 17) Frank Mills 18) Big Gay Heart 19) It's A Shame About Ray - Remastered 20) The Great Big NO 21) Hannah & Gabi 22) Being Around 23) Become The Enemy 24) No Backbone 25) Pittsburgh 26) Down About It 27) It's All True 28) Black Gown 29) Buddy 30) Paid To Smile 31) Luka 32) I'll Do It Anyway 33) Poughkeepsie 34) Mrs Robinson 35) Dawn Can't Decide 36) Let's Just Laugh 37) Style 38) Rule Of Three 39) Hospital 40) Rest Assured 41) My Drug Buddy - Remastered 42) Steve's Boy 43) In Passing 44) Baby's Home 45) Skulls 46) December 47) Rick James Style 48) Favorite T 49) Different Drum 50) You Can Take It With You

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