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The Maine

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Maine

I The Maine sono una band formata nel 2007, composto dal batterista Pat Kirch, Ryan Osterman, Alex Ross, il bassista Garrett Nickelsen, e il cantante John O'Callaghan.A O'Callaghan è stato chiesto di aderire alla band dal fratello di Pat's Tim Kirch, che gestisce anche la banda attraverso la sua società di gestione 8123, dopo che Tim Kirch aveva sentito cantare O'Callaghan a una festa. Nella primavera del 2007, hanno aggiunto Kennedy Brock. Quello stesso anno, Ryan Osterman lasciò la band, per fare un altro percorso nella musica.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Maine

1) Into Your Arms 2) Everything I Ask For 3) Girls Do What They Want 4) I Wanna Love You 5) We All Roll Along 6) The Way We Talk 7) Black Butterflies And Déjà Vu 8) Give Me Anything 9) If I Only Had the Heart 10) I Must Be Dreaming 11) Right Girl 12) We Change, We Wait 13) Ho Ho Hopefully 14) Whoever She Is 15) Inside Of You 16) This Is the End 17) Kiss and Sell 18) You Left Me 19) Time to Go 20) Don't Come Down 21) The Town's Been Talkin' 22) We'll All Be... 23) Bad Behavior 24) Don't Stop Now 25) Numb Without You 26) Listen To Your Heart 27) Count 'Em One, Two, Three 28) Misery 29) Growing Up 30) My Heroine 31) Saving Grace 32) Another Night on Mars 33) Fuel To The Fire 34) Sticky 35) Taxi 36) Color 37) Some Days 38) English Girls 39) Diet Soda Society 40) Every Road 41) Miles Away 42) Identify 43) Santa Stole My Girlfriend 44) Give It To Me 45) Count'em One, Two, Three 46) Mr. Winter 47) How Do You Feel? 48) Love & Drugs 49) I'm Sorry 50) Thinking of You

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The Maine