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The Tallest Man on Earth

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Tallest Man on Earth

The Tallest Man on Earth is the moniker of the folk musician Kristian Matsson of Dalarna, Sweden. Kristian Matsson is the fomer lead singer for the band Montezumas and released a self-titled album with Montezumas in 2006 before releasing a solo self-titled EP in 2007. On March 5, 2008 he released his full-length debut in Sweden titled Shallow Grave. Matsson toured the United States with John Vanderslice in 2009 and Bon Iver late in 2008. The Tallest Man on Earth signed to Dead Oceans in January 2010 and released a new LP

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Tallest Man on Earth

1) The Gardener 2) I Won't Be Found 3) King of Spain 4) Love Is All 5) Pistol Dreams 6) Honey Won't You Let Me In 7) Where Do My Bluebird Fly 8) Into the Stream 9) The Sparrow and the Medicine 10) Shallow Grave 11) The Blizzard's Never Seen the Desert Sands 12) This Wind 13) The Wild Hunt 14) 1904 15) Burden of Tomorrow 16) Troubles Will Be Gone 17) The Dreamer 18) The Drying of the Lawns 19) Thousand Ways 20) You're Going Back 21) A Lion's Heart 22) Kids on the Run 23) To Just Grow Away 24) It Will Follow the Rain 25) Revelation Blues 26) Leading Me Now 27) Like the Wheel 28) Wind and Walls 29) Little River 30) Rivers 31) Bright Lanterns 32) There's No Leaving Now 33) Little Brother 34) Criminals 35) Walk The Line 36) Sagres 37) On Every Page 38) Dark Bird Is Home 39) Tangle in This Trampled Wheat 40) Thrown Right at Me 41) Over The Hills 42) Steal Tomorrow 43) Singers 44) Fields of Our Home 45) Darkness of the Dream 46) Slow Dance 47) Little Nowhere Towns 48) Timothy 49) Time Of The Blue 50) Beginners

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For The Tallest Man on Earth

1) Shallow Grave 2) The Wild Hunt 3) There's No Leaving Now 4) Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird 5) Dark Bird Is Home 6) The Tallest Man on Earth 7) Rivers 8) Shallow Graves 9) S/T 10) I Love You. It's A Fever Dream. 11) Pistol Dreams 12) Sagres 13) There´s No Leaving Now 14) 1904 15) Time Of The Blue 16) King of Spain 17) Somewhere in the Mountains, Somewhere in New York 18) An Ocean 19) The Tallest Man On Earth with yMusic 20) Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird (EP) 21) (null) 22) The Tallest Man On Earth (EP) 23) I'm a Stranger Now / The Running Styles of New York 24) The Running Styles of New York 25) Forever Is a Very Long Time 26) Down in My Heart 27) Essential Mix 28) The Wild Hunt (Bonus Track Version) 29) When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground 30) Then I Won't Sing No More 31) The Wild Hunt [Bonus Track Version] 32) Uncut: Homeward Bound - 21st Century Troubadours 33) Daytrotter Session - 10/9/2009 34) The Tallest Man On Earth EP 35) Dead Oceans Spring 2010 Sampler 36) Adult Swim Singles Program 2011 37) Graceland 38) Good People Rock (Yellow Bird Project) 39) Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: June (2009) 40) Dead Oceans Winter 2013 Sampler 41) Yellow Bird Project (Theme Song) 42) KEXP Song of the Day 43) undefined 44) Indie/Rock Playlist: May (2012) 45) The Wild Hunt [+digital booklet] 46) The Tallest Man On Earth [EP] 47) Covers 48) Indie/Rock Playlist: July (2010) 49) Endless Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 50) King of Spain - Single

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