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I Beach House sono un duo dream pop/indie rock americano nato nel 2004 a Baltimora, nel Maryland. La band è formata dalla cantante e organista Victoria Legrand (nata in Francia e nipote del compositore francese Michel Legrand e della cantante Christiane Legrand) e dal chitarrista e tastierista Alex Scally. La band è spesso etichettata come una band “dream pop” per i suoi ritmi lenti e rilassati e per le liriche avvolgenti, mentre la voce di Victoria Legrand è stata paragonata a quella di Nico.

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Frogtoon Musica - Informazioni sulla canzone: Space Song

The song is about Victoria’s isolation from her lover. The title itself shows that Victoria is in her own space, with the lyrics displaying her longing for her former lover. However, she seems rather somber due to the fact that her former lover had never returned the same dedication to their broken relationship. With nothing but soaring and bubbly synths played on a hip hop-influenced beat, Victoria’s voice is able to stand out too with beautiful songwriting. The song was featured in the Amazon Prime exclusive film “Zoe”, as well as in an episode of Donald Glover’s hit show “Atlanta”, specifically in the episode entitled “The Streisand Effect.”

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