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I Cigarettes After Sex sono un gruppo ambient pop americano fondato nel 2008 a El Paso, Texas, e guidato dal cantante Greg Gonzalez. Il loro stile inconfondibile accompagnato da atmosfere oniriche e da una voce androgina, li hanno contraddistinti nel panorama indie musicale. Il primo EP della band, I., è stato rilasciato nel 2012, ottenendo un ampio successo con la canzone "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby". Successivamente vennero rilasciati altri singoli come: Affection

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In “Apocalypse,” Greg acknowledges the pain his new lover has suffered in her past relationships. He’s urging her to let go of heartbreak and the fear of feeling let down, and to embrace the highs and lows of this new relationship. Greg discussed the beauty and danger that comes with letting go of fear and fully indulging in any relationship on his 2017 interview coupdemain: You go into love, and you’re pretty much going to get hurt at some point, it’s just kind of the way it is. But if admitting that the person is worth it, that they’re worth the pain, they’re worth the trouble and it doesn’t matter because you just want them, and anything else that comes after that is another side? I really believe in that. "What the song is about is sort of vague and strange. It kinda involves some girls I dated in my hometown- based on how they were really imaginative and they wanted to travel and see the world but they were trapped in the city. They were sort of aimless as well. It’s sort of a love letter to them."

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