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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For W.A.S.P.

Gli W.A.S.P. sono un gruppo Heavy Metal Statunitense, formatosi a Los Angeles nel 1982. L'acronimo "W.A.S.P.", che in lingua Inglese viene generalmente inteso come "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant" ("protestante bianco anglosassone"), fu invece reinterpretato dai membri del gruppo perché significasse "We Are Sexual Perverts" ("siamo maniaci sessuali"). Queste ipotesi vennero poi smentite quando venne rivelato dal primo bassista Rik Fox, che il nome era stato da lui ideato, dopo aver calpestato una vespa (in inglese wasp).

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Heavy Metal

Hard Rock

Hair Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For W.A.S.P.

1) I Wanna Be Somebody 2) Wild Child 3) L.O.V.E. Machine 4) Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) 5) Sleeping (In The Fire) 6) Blind in Texas 7) Hellion 8) On Your Knees 9) Hold On to My Heart 10) Mean Man 11) The Idol 12) Forever Free 13) School Daze 14) Sex Drive 15) The Flame 16) B.A.D. 17) Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) 18) Tormentor 19) Ballcrusher 20) The Real Me 21) Cries In The Night 22) The Torture Never Stops 23) The Titanic Overture 24) Show No Mercy 25) Arena of Pleasure 26) The Headless Children 27) The Invisible Boy 28) WidowMaker 29) I Don't Need No Doctor 30) The Last Command 31) Jack Action 32) Paint It Black 33) Doctor Rockter 34) Fistful of Diamonds 35) The Great Misconceptions of Me 36) The Gypsy Meets the Boy 37) I Am One 38) Inside The Electric Circus 39) Helldorado 40) Heaven's Hung In Black 41) Crazy 42) The Heretic (The Lost Child) 43) Restless Gypsy 44) Rebel In The F.D.G. 45) Take Me Up 46) Running Wild in the Streets 47) Thunderhead 48) Dirty Balls 49) Easy Living 50) Babylon's Burning

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